President's Message

From the President’s Desk…

Hello Everyone! I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. I am excited to update you on the improvements our firm is making to bring you the best service and solutions available, as well as, update you on our investment outlook.

Investment Outlook

So far 2018 has seen the return of volatility and a relatively sideways domestic stock market. This comes as no surprise after a 2017 that saw the least volatile year for US stocks since 1986 (when they started tracking volatility). Another positive catalyst last year was a weaker dollar. The dollar posted its worst performance in 14 years last year which helped boost our investments in Europe and in the Emerging Markets. We have been keeping a close eye on the dollar this year and it is now up over 3% against global currencies. This reality, coupled with economic data showing a slowing in Europe and Old China, means we will be exiting most of our international investments. The only countries we currently like internationally are Japan and Australia. Domestically, we expect to be in Tech, Small Caps, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, and some commodities for the duration of this summer. Currently, we are forecasting a mild slowdown sometime this fall or winter. When the market and data tell us this is taking place; we will be moving into a more conservative allocation.

Firm Upgrades

This past year we have been investing heavily into improving the firm. We upgraded our technology to improve your experience with us and better protect your sensitive information. We instituted a cyber security policy and are now more vigorously protecting your information. We’ve upgraded our Customer Relationship Management Software, we’ve purchased an award winning financial planning software, we’ve acquired a digital marketing assistant, as well as, a marketing software to make sure you hear from us more regularly, AND we have an Insurance Specialist, Tim McNeely, joining the firm to help our clients with their life insurance, disability coverage, long term care, Medicare, as well as home and auto. This will free me up to focus more on financial planning and asset management. Tim is a longtime friend and client of the firm. I encourage you to read his introduction on the following page. I am very excited to welcome him aboard and I encourage you to utilize him as a resource and asset to your team. We are committed to providing solutions for ALL your financial needs.

Warm Regards,


George Steward